NASLCC Leadership

Frank Montes

Founder, of Inland Body and Paint Center
Chairman, California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce

Frank Montes has gone from being an auto body shop helper to a third-generation successful entrepreneur of over 35 years. Emphasizing honesty, commitment and performance as qualities of any successful leader, Mr. Montes continually strives to demonstrate these traits, and more importantly leads by example.

Mr. Montes uses his skills as a professional advocate to impact change at State and National levels in order to create a wide range of opportunities that will generate growth, education and prosperity for families, businesses and communities. In his work as a business owner, he uses his personal experience as an entrepreneur to identify with and understand his clients’ needs and challenges. Patrons also benefit from his expertise as a visionary, strategist and political advisor. Mr. Montes has worked on local, regional and state legislative issues for the last six California state legislative assemblies and is fostering a professional history of representing individuals with elected and appointed boards. Additionally, he has lead efforts with volunteers, private consultants, and representatives of governmental agencies. As a proficient supporter, Mr. Montes has specific knowledge to address public policy issues that affect small businesses including lending, taxes, health care and shortage of skilled workers.

He is presently the owner of Inland Body and Paint Center in the city of Fontana, CA., a business that has steadily grown and is a champion for its community. Inland Body and Paint Center has been honored with recognitions such as the Minority Small Business Champion of the Year, Verizon Latino Small Business Award, the 2013 Salute to Small Business and many more. In addition, Frank and Inland Body and Paint Center have been recognized by Congressional State Senators, Assembly Members, Local Mayors and City Council throughout the Inland Empire. He hopes to continue his community enrichment legacy and foster new leaders for years to come.

He currently serves as a community advisory liaison in the Inland Empire. His current affiliations include;
Chairman of the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, Vice-Chairman of the National Association of State Latino Chambers of Commerce, Executive Board Member of the California Small Business Association, Past-Chairman of the Greater Riverside Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and is on the small business advisory panel for the National Latino Peace Officers Association, Fire & Burn Foundation, La Camara de Comercio, Hispana de Pomona, Latin American & Caribbean Business Chamber of Commerce, Southern California Edison, California Utilities Diversity Council and DGS Small Business Advisory Council.